My Monkey Mind In Full Swing

February 25, 2014

I haven’t meditated for a couple of weeks, but today was a teaching day and I really like to start my day with a 20-minute sit. It calms me, and helps me feel focused before I spend the day “on” with a group of strangers.

I was easily 15 minutes in before I realized I had not once bothered to focus on my breath. As soon as I closed my eyes, my mind started racing. Anticipating the workshop I’d be teaching, thinking of upcoming travel, phone calls I had to schedule, what was going on at home … a never-ending cascade of blather. This is what Buddhists call this leaping from one thought to another “monkey mind.” When I finally realized that my intention was to listen to my breath and silently say, “maranatha,” I was stunned at the monkey’s agility. Unfazed, it stilled for about two breaths before resuming its activity: composing this blog post. You are a mischievous monkey indeed.



  1. “Monkey mind”. Was there ever a more descriptive phrase?

    • It is crisp, clear, and concise. 😉

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