Three Layers of Tired

December 1, 2011

Tonight I am sitting in the Sky Club in Seattle. In the last 54 hours I have flown from Raleigh to Atlanta to San Francisco to Seattle, and in 90 minutes I’ll head back to Atlanta on my way home. Even though I love to travel, that’s an intense couple of days, and I’m feeling tired.

Beneath that layer of tired lies another kind of fatigue, the kind I get after I teach a workshop. This fatigue comes from projecting all the energy I can into the room where I am teaching, from 9:30 to 5:00 (yesterday in San Jose) and 8:30 to 4:00 (today in Seattle). I am  trying to listen to everyone and to think carefully about each comment and to remember to look toward all corners of the audience and to speak slowly and to time the jokes and … and the result is a feeling of emptiness that runs from my dulled brain to my tired feet.

Yet peeling away this fatigue reveals joy. Under the two kinds of tired, travel and teaching, sits a deep level of satisfaction. I love my work, teaching this incredible workshop to interesting people in wonderful cities. I love feeling like I gave them all I had this week. And I love the feeling of heading home.


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