Upon Arriving at Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow

January 10, 2011
  • I got upgraded on my Aeroflot flight, and the dinner included caviar with the appetizers and ossobuco as a main course. Top notch!
  • The plane was an Airbus A319 and it looked and felt new.
  • When the attendant announced we’d landed in Moscow, applause broke out. I’d not heard that since landing in Dublin in April.
  • The terminal is new, and its wood panels, stone floors, and bright lights gave it a clean, modern look, like other new airports I’ve been in lately.
  • Other familiar features: jetways that advertise for the airline, and for other products, in this case, Coke. And lots of people bringing lots of stuff back with them–the Orthodox Christmas is January 7, so this is the end of the holidays in Russia. (In fact, the terminal still has plenty of decorated Christmas trees.) Many passengers were using those metal carts to haul their luggage, skis, and shopping bags around.
  • Less familiar: flights coming in from Yerevan, Archangel, and Havana. And women with furs.

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