Almost Flying

January 4, 2011

I travel often for my job, and I love it. The hardest obstacle to the travel, of course, is time away from my family. There’s a time before a trip–it used to be every trip, but now it’s just for longer, (usually) international ones–where I feel awful about traveling. I get a pit in my stomach as I walk around my house, because I know I’ll soon be leaving it for a while. I know the feeling will pass–not just yet, as I type at the Delta Sky Club at RDU–but soon, probably as soon as I’m on board my flight. At that point there’s no turning back, and my focus shifts to the work ahead. The work has been pulling me, at least since yesterday when I started down my packing list. With each check-off of a completed step (make sure online bills are scheduled, get the driver’s name and mobile number in Germany, pack enough socks for 10 days away), the trip pulls me one way while my desire to be with my family pulls in the other. Now, as I prepare to put my computer to sleep and head to the gate, the trip’s gravity pulls harder and faster. I look forward to being home again, with new stories to tell, but now it’s time to focus on the teaching and traveling that must come first.


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