Random Observations on Arriving in Dublin

April 9, 2010

I got here a couple of days ago but I’ve been working (you know, the major reason I get to come to places like this), so this is my first chance to note random thoughts as I made my way here.

The flight from Atlanta provided two clues how much the Irish love their country. First, the flight was a red-eye, and normally once the dinner is served and the lights are dimmed everybody crashes. But on this flight the noise level increased the longer we were in the air, to the point where I put on my noise-canceling earbuds so I could sleep. Second, when we landed and the attendant announced we had reached Dublin, there was applause. The last time I heard applause when landing was when a flight to Boston in a snowstorm was so rough that we had to put down in Hartford. But those were cheers of relief, not of sheer happiness to be home.

Walking from the bus stop to my hotel, a bus passed me whose destination board read “Stocking Ave.” Never seen one of those before.

I’ve used two ATM’s and neither charged a fee for withdrawing cash. The second didn’t issue a receipt unless you asked for it; it then reminded me to dispose of it appropriately. Clerks in coffee shops and convenience stores also don’t give you receipts unless you ask for one.



  1. The only flight I’ve ever been on with applause was leaving Washington Dulles on Christmas Eve Eve with the last flight out, and at least a dozen of us on standby, including small children, having been delayed from ~2 pm till 10 pm … and the applause was when we lifted off the ground!

    Book of Kells yet?

    • Saw the Book of Kells within a few hours of arriving … will hopefully post some pictures of Trinity College later tonight. It was moving to see it; it had a great exhibit on your way in.

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