Day 3 for (Taller) Val

March 19, 2008

Right now I am writing from Val's bedside, where she is sleeping. She slept all night last night, which is great except for pain management. But now that appears to be under control. She has already walked twice today, each trip almost twice as far as she walked yesterday. She has done nothing but eat, sleep, and walk today.

The stunning news of this day is that Val is now 1.75 inches taller than she was Monday! The surgeon thought she might grow up to 3/4 of an inch, but Val blew by that. I would think that just that change to her body would be painful enough–never mind the incision, grafting of two titanium rods to her vertabrae, moving of her spine, etc. She's now 5' 6.5", and Vicki knows it won't be long before Val has passed her in height.

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