Why I Missed the NY Times

October 25, 2007

I started getting the NY Times delivered some time last year. After several months, however, I canceled it, for two main reasons. First, I felt like too much of it was going straight to the recycle bin without me so much as glancing at it (Style, Dining Out, Sunday Travel, et al). Second, the Times has significantly improved its online presence, not only with the highly-customizable My Times web pages, but also the digital edition, which looks amazingly like the print version and is easy to navigate. But a couple of months ago I re-upped for the "tree killing" version.

When I saw this blog entry by Salon's Farhad Manjoo, I instantly connected with it. Unlike Farhad, however, I have renewed my subscription to the Times. As Manjoo mentions, it's just easier to skim through the print version, seeing i the relative importance of articles, catching topics I would miss if  all I can read is the title (which is the case online).  Also, the print version is portable in ways even my laptop is not–waiting at school to pick up the kids, waiting for Bobby's halftime band show (football really bores me), that kind of thing. Even now it's spread before me on the floor as I watch the Red Sox crush the Rockies in Game 1 of the World Series (OK, and my laptop is on my lap as I blog, too). It's just that much more accessible for me. And I have to add that I spend hours a day reading a computer monitor, so reading newsprint gives my eyes some relief, too.  I'm glad to see that blue bag back on my driveway every morning.

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  1. This post warmed my heart. As a former newspaper reporter (up until a month ago), I often made the argument that newspapers would not die because of the toilet factor: They're easy to read when you're taking a bathroom break. I mean, do people actually take their laptop to the pot with them so they can read the latest headlines. I hope not. So, I'm glad to hear that you've renewed your subscription. As for the NYT being too much to tackle and hence falling into the recycling bin, I find that just subscribing to the Saturday and Sunday edition helps (and saves money).

  2. Thanks, Ginny, for reading my blog and posting a comment. I am feeling better about my NYT reading because most days I also read the op-ed page, which gets me into the front section. So I am feeling like I'm getting my money's worth out of it each day now. I'm too hooked to only read The Times on the weekends!

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