Singapore–A Great Mix

January 22, 2006
The "Lion’s City" is a fascinating mix of its British colony past and its Asian present. I’ve added a picture I took from the lobby of our hotel. It has four European-styled clocks (showing the time in Singapore, New York, London, and Tokyo) festooned with red for next weekend’s Chinese Lunar New Year. Since it is going to be the year of the dog, dogs fill the center of the space.
I realized I was in a different place when the taxi driver got in the right-hand side of the car–which he then drove on the left-hand side of the road. The TV in the hotel has English soccer and Chinese music shows, with much in between. There will be NFL football for early risers–I think the Steeler game starts at 4 am Monday morning here.
The climate is like Manila’s–tropical warm, with highs in the upper 80s this time of year. We’re having a thunderstorm right now (5:20 pm, or 17:20 as many here would say), similar to the one that greeted us as we got to the airport yesterday. Singapore is just one degree north of the equator. Lovely!


  1. I\’m so thrilled you made it safely! Is it always raining? It seems that you already like it there. The weather is pretty much the same… except it\’s not 80 degrees! You\’re so lucky to be there right now. Please don\’t tell us we\’re moving there! I had a weird dream last night that we were on Mt. Everest and we were standing on clouds. It was quite scary. I don\’t mean the dream but standing on the clouds was really scary for dream me! I hope you enjoy your time there! We all love you! I realli want you to come home! LYL (Love You Lot\’s) 🙂

  2. Ok….first, I just want to point out how INCREDIBLY ADORABLE Val\’s message was — what a great kid!! I\’m sure you\’re torn between soaking in the culture and coming home to hug your family! Second, this might highlight my ignorance, but with the city being so close to the equator, what real change in seasons do they experience? What "season" are they in currently? And, what is the currency? Can you use American money? What types of foods have you been grubbing on? (Sorry, by the way, about your Panthers….Good thing you weren\’t relying on Steve Smith for points THIS week…..Although, don\’t you wish you had Kobe Bryant on your fantasy NBA team????)Be well, Bob…..

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