Getting Around Manila

January 21, 2006
Two more photos: a trike and a jeepney. Trikes can carry stuff, like this one, or people, sometimes 3 or 4! They hang off the sides and back.
Jeepneys are a legacy of the US occcupation of the Philippines in WWII. They are controlled–they follow prescribed routes, usually painted on their sides–and chaotic–they will stop anywhere on that route. So you don’t have to go to a "jeepney stop," you can just wait anywhere to hop on. And they’ll stop anywhere you want them to, without regard for the traffic behind. Felix wanted to ride one this week, but we didn’t get around to it. Gotta have something to come back for, right?
A final word about Filipino hospitality: we were riding to the airport this morning and I mentioned to Felix that I had not taken a picture of a jeepney yet. I was hoping to snap one while we were stopped in traffic. The driver heard me, spotted one parked by the road, and stopped the car–in traffic!–so I could get my shot. I took it as fast as I could!


  1. What strange names! It would be so cool if those things existed in the US! I have to be quick so Bye! lyl! i miss you daddy!

  2. Bob….It was great to see a picture of the Jeepney….I have heard of those and assumed they would look like American Jeeps from our Army — but these look different….Are they actually from the 40\’s/50\’s, or did they just try to replicate what we left them? All the stories of hospitality (stopping traffic, etc.) sound so "foreign"…unfortunately!….Just remember when you get back to the States that you might get a one-fingered salute if you stop your car in traffic to take pics!!

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